Submersible Pumping Systems

Anugerah Petro Indonesia has contributed to many innovative product designs in the petroleum industry, including providing high-performance submersible pumping systems .

The Anugerah Petro Indonesia provides from ¾ HP, 1 ½ HP, 2HP to 4HP, to meet the needs of high-volume sales and VARIABLE SPEED technology to maintain stable pressure at the time of sale to produce profitable power efficiency.


Piping and containment

Anugerah Petro Indonesia provides full piping and containment products for underground pipe installation components or above ground .

Anugerah Petro Indonesia provides the following APT and UPP brands including pipelines, connection fittings, tanksump, dispensersump, and entryseal.


Fuel managemet systems

Anugerah Petro Indonesia creates and provides a fuel management systems globally with INCON brand, consisting of ATG, Electronic line detection, Magnetostrictif probe, and remote monitoring software. All made and designed with high technology art, to produce the best fuel management and leak detection systems that custumer need.


Service station hardware

Anugerah Petro Indonesia provides EBW and Phil-Tite brands, providing comprehensive components with the best quality to meet the needs of complete service station equipment for underground installation or above ground .


Dispensing Systems

As the industry’s leading Stage II vapor recovery systems, the HEALY brand Dispensing Systems offers a diversified product line providing reliable, efficient and user-friendly vapor recovery equipment for a global market

Dispensing Systems products are designed to provide maximum performance while providing long service life and safe consumer operation.


Transport Systems

Anugerah Petro Indonesia menciptakan dan menyediakan fuel management systems secara global dengan merk INCON , terdiri dari ATG, Electronic line detection, Magnetostrictif probe, dan remote monitoring software. Semua dibuat dan di desain dengan seni teknologi tinggi, hingga menghasilkan fuel management dan leak detection systems terbaik yang custumer butuhkan.


Wire Management

The Cable Tight™ wire management systems provides a true watertight end-to-end solution for electrical, sensor, and data wire management. With the safe and easy electrofusion welding installation process the HDPE-constructed electrical conduit, entry seals, and sumps are joined together to form one seamless systems

Connections between containment sumps, conduit, and fittings are made using the electrofusion welding process. It yields consistent and accurate joints and eliminates any messy glues or adhesives that can be affected by weather or temperature.


We offer the most petroleum equipment in the world including Submersible Pump Systems,Piping Systems, Service Station Hardware, etc.

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